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Wasfati – Pharmacy Delivery Services

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    Wasfati, part of HealthPlus Network of Specialty Centers, is an online refill and prescription order delivery service in Abu Dhabi and Western Region. We will deliver your prescription to your home within the same day!

    To order or refill your prescription, fill in the form below and one of our pharmacists will call you shortly to initiate the prescription fill and delivery service.

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    Prescription Delivery Terms & Conditions:

    • Pharmacy timings are from 9am-7pm on Saturdays, 8am-9pm Sunday to Thursday, Friday closed.
    • Requests after 6 pm will be processed and delivered the next working day.
    • Original prescription must be signed and handed over to the driver upon delivery.
    • Prescription must be valid, acute (short term) type with no more than 7 days, chronic (long term) type no more than 60 days from the prescription date.
    • Prescriptions with refills are valid for dispensing within 30 days from the refill due date.
    • First time chronic prescription is only eligible for delivery from the first refill due date.
    • Sign on the delivery log upon receiving the delivery package.
    • Contact the pharmacy for any concerns related to delivery.
    • Contact the pharmacist for any unclear instructions about medications/items delivered.
    • Medications once sold and delivered cannot be returned or exchanged*.
      Controlled medications are not eligible for home delivery service as per the UAE law.
    • Delivery fee of 10 AED applies for any prescription less than 300 AED.
    • Minimum prescription amount eligible for delivery is 100 AED per prescription.
    • Pay the prescription/bill amount due if any by cash or card.

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